University Youth Ministry offers Bible classes for 6th-12th Grades. We offer Bible classes on a variety of passages/topics. This page will not only update you on what class topics we offer but let you know what is being discussed as well. Join us for Bible Class!

Sunday Morning Bible Class (9:00am)

A Biblical Man.png

Guys Class: A Biblical Man

How can a young man or teenage boy grow into a real man in today’s society? When we picture what a real man looks like, we may think of a big, strong man with a lot of facial hair. We may think of a man with lots of money and possessions. We may think of an athlete, and many other things as well. Certainly those things and more can be apart of who we are as we grow into being a man. However, being a real man is not found in riches, strength, talents, or any other worldly thing. We are real men when we follow God above all else. There are countless examples in the Bible of men who gave their lives over to God, and He used them in incredible ways. During this Sunday morning Bible study, our guys of the youth group will be looking at different men of the Bible to help us better understand what being a real man looks like. Reagan Amos and Tucker Presley will be leading this study.


Girls Class: Uninvited

Our girls will be studying the book entitled Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst on Sunday mornings. This book is focused on helping girls feel loved when they feel everything less than that. Each Sunday, the girls will try to get through one chapter and discuss the highlights of it. Haley Presley and Jordyn Wasden will be leading this study.

Wednesday Night Bible Class (6:30pm)

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God Exists

On Wednesday evenings, our middle and high schoolers have a combined class. We spend some time playing a game, singing together, and having a lesson. For the next couple of weeks, will be focusing on the existence of God. In a world where God is not at the center, Christians must know how to defend their faith when others attack it. This class will be centered on helping our students understand that God exists, that He created everything, and that He is still active in the world today.